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The Founder of the IMCA , Petra Fuchs ( Italy) and her dogs





When performing Agility, the dog and his handler have to finish a course with various obstacles as quick as possible and with a minimum of mistakes.  A judge will judge this course


                    Natasja Kelders ( the Netherlands ) with Djoura




                    Rob Peen ( the Netherlands ) with Twister

Agility originates from the United Kingdom and was preformed for the first time in May 1978, during the international exhibition The Crufts in Londen. From the United Kingdom the sport spread rapidly to other country’s in the entire world. Competitions were held everywhere and in 1991 the first European Championship was organised by the Federation Cynologique Internationale ( F.C. I.) The F.C.I. is an organisation for pedigree dogs and only pedigree dogs could participate in this competition. This is still the case today. In 1996 the first World championship was held, also organised by the F.C.I.




Because both pedigree dogs and non-pedigree dogs preform agility, Petra Fuchs founded in 2000 in Italy the International Mixbreed Championship Agility (IMCA). This competition was only admissible for non- pedigree dogs. The first competition took place on the 11th and 12th of November 2000 in Parma (Italy).








The second IMCA was held in 2001 in Louny ,Czech Repulic. There it was also decided not to exclude pedigree dogs any more, so they could also participate in  the competition from that moment in time.







In Gyula (Hungary) in 2002 the third IMCA took place. There also the first ParAgility World Cup (PAWC) was organised (world championship for handicapped handlers) .
This competion was organised by the Gyulai Kutyás Agility Szabadiősport Klub.
Mr. Sándor Alt organised the first PAWC.


Participants of the first PAWC in 2002 Hungary




The 4th IMCA and the 2nd PAWC took place in Platja d’Aro, Spain.








In Purkersdorf, Austria the 5th IMCA and the 3rd PAWC were held in 2004.





Again in Italy, in Celle Ligure this time, the 6th IMCA and 4th PAWC were organised.





This year, the 7th IMCA and 5th PAWC will take place in Amersfoort (The Netherlands). We do hoping for a lot more participants and we expect new teams from Belgium, The United Kingdom and Norway.






The 8e IMCA & 6e PAWC 2007 in Girona, Spain

from 6 until 9 September.





The first year, the IMCA had 90 members. In 2005 this amount was already increased to 165. We expect this amount to expand and new people will join us. Until now teams from various European countries participated: Germany, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Netherlands. But there were also teams from outside Europe, like teams from the United States, Mexico and South Africa.



A loyal participant every year, all the way from Mexico, Mr. Guillermo Saenz
on the photo with his dog Meggy


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