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IMCA & PAWC Team of  The Netherlands 2006


On the 7e IMCA & 5e PAWC 2006 in Amersfoort the team of the Netherlands have obtained great results so they could  take home the big cup for the country with the best total results  together IMCA & PAWC 2006.


For the Total Results  they obtained the next places:

( for all results look at : RESULTS)

1e place small
Natasja Kelders-Ebben with Djoura

3e place medium
Marjo Thijssen with Sep

1e place large
Rob Peen with Twister


1e place  and 3e place group 1
Susan Rekveld with Joep and Quita

2e place  and  3e place  group 4
Marieke Dijkman with  Phila and Jolanda Bikkel with Jasper




The IMCA- team of the Netherlands have obtained great results on the 6e IMCA & 4e  PAWC 2005 in    

  Total Results:

  1e place medium                         2e place small                         2e place large

   Sharon Broeders with Filan         Natasja Kelders with Djoura     Rob Peen with Twister  


 Our Champions for  IMCA & PAWC 2002- 2003-2004:

Natasja Kelders with Djoura Rob Peen, Walter Sontrop, Janny de Ruijter, Annemarie Ploegmakers

Worldchampion  small  IMCA 2002

Worldchampion TEAM large  IMCA 2002


Rob Peen with Twister

Susan Rekveld with  Quita

Worldchampion large  IMCA 2003

 Worldchampion  large     PAWC  2002

 Worldchampion  group 1  PAWC  2004



information about IMCA  team the Netherlands on:



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