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Arpád Tóth 


Dear agility friends from all over the world,

My name is Arpát Tóth. Since the year 2000 I look forward to the IMCA  with great excitement. Especially from 2002 on, when PAWC took place in my country Hungary.

An international competition is a great challenge for organizers, judges and participants.
I would like to express that we have very professional organizers this year. The Netherlands is a very hospitable country and so is the city of Amersfoort. I have a lot of confidence that everything will be all right.

I will introduce myself as one of the judges for this competition. I promise you courses with technical challenges and correct judgement during the matches. We have a very competent team of judges this year and we look forward to start our job.

I hope as many handlers as possible and many countries will take part in the competition!

Please, come all and enjoy a nice weekend together, filled with agility and friendship!
That the best team may win!

See you soon,
With love!

Arpát Tóth


Rick Molenkamp


My name is Rick Molenkamp.I have been infected with the “agility bug” since 1990.

My first agility dog was a Bobtail (Old English sheepdog) and I currently run my nearly 8 year old Border Collie Max.

In my daily life I am co owner of a company called Ergemo Techniek,which also makes and sells Favoriet agility equipment.

I find the most important aspects within the agility sport are the safety and the pleasure of both handler and the dog. I wish all competitors this week the same.

Good luck!

Best regards
Rick Molenkamp.





Peter Borsje

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Peter Borstje. I’m a young fellow of 43 years. In daily life, I work for a firm in construction materials called Hubo.

Ten years ago my jack Russell’s and I started with agility and we became very enthusiastic about it. This year I started with my latest dog, a border collie named Totte. At this moment she already attended to her first agility competions.

A few years ago, I completed the training for judges  from the Band  Agility Organisation. At this moment I have enough experience and hope to surprise the participants to the World Championship with challenging courses.

See you in Amersfoort!
Peter Borsje

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