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Photo’s: Agility Action Shots


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday photographer Ron Baltus will be there to take actionshots of the participants and their dogs. On Saturday and Sunday the photo’s will be displayed and sold at the information stand.

Photo’s can be printed directly, or taken digitally on a CD.


print photo + 13 x 18 cm*

3,50 euro per photo

print photo + 20 x 30 cm*

6,00 euro per photo

digital photo on CD

1,50 per photo /once 2,50 for the CD

* Photo’s will be printed on Epson premium glossy photopaper, 75 years colorprooff behind     glass.


After the competition the photo’s will be displayed on the website :





All runs on the IMCA and PAWC will be filmed. These films will be published on internet for free, but a fast internet connection is required to download them. The website where the downloads can be done is :


On this site examples can be seen of a number of recent agility events, like the World Agility Championships, the Dutch Championships, the European open, but also the regular Dutch competition.

The internet movies are also put on DVD (with better resolution), which are for sale. The complete set of the event (the box) can be ordered as well as individual dvd’s. At the end of the day the price will dependent on the number of dvd’s, but an indication can be the movies from the World Agility Championships. 3 days of shooting resulted in 11 dvd’s, which as ‘box’ are sold for 80 euro’s (excl. shipment). Indiviual dvd’s cost 9 euro’s (excl. shipment).

Looking at the number of particpants I expect that the ‘box’ will have about 20 dvd’s, with a price of 150 euro’s. Individual dvd’s will then be 10 euro’s. The exact prices will be published on the website.

The dvd’s are playable for sure on players that are less than 2 years old.

All particpants lots of success and above all a pleasant weekend.

Carel Voskuilen


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