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JOY 1th place  ..... WORLDCHAMPION and


13th IMCA & 11th PAWC 2012
30-08 untill 02-09-2012 in Wieze, Belgium

information: www.imca-pawc.be

Wednesday afternoon we drive to the Hotel in Gent in Belgium to stay untill sundaymorning, on our way we had a nice lunch!
Early on thursdaymorning I arrived in the Hall, we had more then 20 new competitors PAWC and on this trainingsday we had to decided in which group of disability they will take part.Together Jeannette Velzel I had done this job. After this I took part into the Teamleaders-meeting and at 19.00 the Openingsceremonie was started, a big show with a lot of music and dans!


openingsceremony IMCA & PAWC 2012  (photo Rein Jansen)

Every year I like this very much..all those countries who walk into the Hall with all their flags and nice trainings-cloths!

Even each country had given a present (most of the time something original of their country) to another country. This is also a very nice part of this Event!


we arrived into the Hall on the openingsceremony (photo Rein Jansen)

On friday the first course, a jumping. They had started with category large, so Joy had to run first and Joep later, he's into the Veteran-classe and running medium.

Joy had not any problems with the noise and activity into the Hall, we took her with us all the time, even she was a puppy, to demonstrations and agility-matches.

She was running a wonderfull clear run, I was very proud of her ! She had showed me more then
I was expected of her ;-)
After her run also a  very nice run of Joep, a clear round but only a vew hundredth of seconds slower then his daughter Joy ;-)
The results had given a first  place for Joy and a second for Joep...a nice start!

JOY 31-08-2012 PAWC 2012 JUMPING  (gold!)
(click on for video)

JOEP 31-08-2012 PAWC 2012 JUMPING (silver!)
(click on for video)

Joep on the 1th agility-course....2th place podium! (photo Rein Jansen)

On saterday the first agility-course. Joy was running very nice, but not enough for a place on the podium this day.

Joep was running a wonderful clear round, that had given him a 2th place on the podium for this day... again a nice cup.

Very exciting for the next day.....everything was possible for the Totall-Results.

JOEP 01-09-2012
PAWC 2012 VP

(click on for video)

On sunday the second agility-course, first Joy. What a fantastic clear round she was running, also the fastest time....so a first place on the podium of this day!

Even Joep was running very good, but for this day just not any cup...but eveything was possible, we had to wait for the final results!

JOY 02-09-2012 PAWC 2012 VP  (gold!)
(click on for video)

Joy on the 2e agility-course...1th place|! 
(photo Rein Jansen)


There was the result for the champion.......Joy first and Joep second on the podium....incredibly!
On the third place Elizabeth Sijmons, also from the Dutch team...so the Dutch National song was playing for all three of us ;-)


Podium Totall Results  JOY & JOEP  PAWC 2012
(click on for video)


That  little girl Joy, just 2 years old, had showed us she likes, just as working as assistence-dog,  agility very much ;-)
But also Joep a very nice second place....I was very proud of my two toppers!
We drive back home with 3x gold and 3x zilver...

Another year for training......next year to Hungary!

info: (http://imca-pawc-2013.bhn.hu/)

Joy first, Joep second and Elizabeth Sijmons ( also of the Netherlands)  third place on the Totall Results PAWC 2012!

Photo make by Ian Watts, more on:


PUBLICITY (only dutch):



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RADIO RTV UTRECHT : 06-09-2012

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TELEVISIE EVA, Omroep Amersfoort 30-09-2012

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